Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Kit-Ozark Country Life

this is sweet little kiera, this is her getting ready to open one of
her birthday presents at dinner.... last night we took the kids roller skating
and omg i spent the whole time trying to stay off my assets... i honestly can not skate what
so ever i have no balance what so ever lol... they had the cutest little baby skates and coooper
got to skate too... he did better then i did and go figure he has only been walking
for a few months...over the last week we have been trying to house break
cooper also and let me tell yall girls are so much easier to housebreak then boys
they are like little fountains and the cups on the potty chair that are supposed to contain it
ha ha ha no its like a rocket to help shoot it higher in the air lmao... i have been sprayed more times then i care to admit this week.... though my floors are mostly cleaner then they have ever been because i am mopping at least 5 times a day lmao...

I am so terrible about blogging.. But i have a new kit and some new templates and overlays in the stores... Come on over and check them out.... You can get them at any of the following stores...

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